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QGalleryPro 1.5.5 & 1.7.0 updated for Joomla 1.5 & 1.7

After we received many feedbacks from user, we has fixed bugs and add more settings and upgraded to joomla 1.7 ( version 1.7.0):

+ We changed to use new facebook Authorize login 2.0 (With this method, you need setup an facebook application for your site to get access token and administrator for comments also). You need create an facebook application and get App Id & Secret to get access token.

+ Fixed facebook comment box & Site comment box (add more publish stream method for facebook's user).

+ Fixed album's setting or global setting

+ Fixed import popup when you go to import an album, Imported album will not appear again at import popup.

+ Fixed sort / order albums in administrator

+ Fixed SEF core

+ Fixed mootools 1.11 and 1.2 for lightbox (Joomla 1.5) mootools 1.3(Joomla 1.7)


- If you are using version 1.5.4 and upgrade to 1.5.5 it will have errors with some albums that you are using for global settings ( Not show photos) please read more to resolve that problem.



After upgrade from version 1.5.4, you will got troubles with some albums did not show photos, because in new version we designed new parameters for setting. If your album did not show photo, please go to administrator section and edit that album. If you see Use album setting below: Yes, then you can enter your setting for that album then click save button. If you see Use album setting below: No then you click save button. All done!