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Qgallery joomla facebook photos slideshow module

Qgallery joomla slideshow module

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The "Qgallery Slideshow module" is a - as the name says - simple plugin to display a slideshow in content items. The images get faded out, this effect works with current major browsers. You decide if the slideshow starts automatically on pageload or is started by clicking a link/button in the joomla content item. It displays the images in a filmstrip, at the bottom of the preview image. Images are taken from the Qgallery albums from Facboock you specify at the module backend.

You just need to install and enable the module, to make this work.

Required Qgallery installed ( you can use Qgallery free or Qgallery pro version)


Screen shots:

Without Carousel

With Carousel

Live demo

Click here to see demo

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